Education, Team Development, Coaching

Leading Out of Drama was developed by Next Element Consulting LCC.  Their approach draws on evidence-based best practices, a decade of outcomes research, and experience across multiple organizational, cultural, and team environments. Leading out of Drama helps leaders and their teams to:

  1. Identify drama behaviors and how they impact your strategic efforts
  2. Increase self-awareness and personal responsibility for stopping drama
  3. Enforce rules of engagement to ensure Drama doesn’t sabotage forward movement
  4. Engage in positive conflict around the most important issues
  5. Facilitate innovation, goal-setting, and rapid-cycle change
  6. Make decisions efficiently and with accountability

The Process Communication Model® (PCM) is the non-clinical communication and management methodology derived from Dr. Kahler's research. PCM can be used in every aspect of one's life, in every personal and business interaction.

At the core of PCM training is learning to identify another person's primary, or "Base" personality type, primarily through the language that he or she uses, and the unique communication styles, psychological needs, behaviors and other characteristics of each of the six personality types.